Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to write case study report ?

How to write case study report? It is very importance for all sectors to write report perfectly. First of all we know definition of case; a case is nothing but a story with multi-dimensional analysis of different information and data on a particular firm or an event that a firm encountered. Mostly the story is presented on a particular issue of business function, such as marketing management, finance, accounting, international business, organization etc. To be more specific, it is usually presented on a specific matter or issue of a function of business, say marketing; such as segmentation of market for Leis in USA.

In analyzing the marketing case or any business case, students can follow the given points provided the main message/ theme of the case are taken into account. This worksheet does not mean that the sequence or the points mentioned herein should necessarily be followed regardless of kind of case. The case is divided into three ways:
 1) Short case.
 2) Long case
 3) Strategic marketing case.
Today we will discuss about Short case and how to write case study report, after next part we will discuss Long case and strategic marketing case.
Short Case: Short case is a presentation with limited information of a particular business issue on a firm or an event that a firm encountered. In this case, often there are some questions asked that the students are supposed to answer based on the given information. However, it is expected that students would use their analytical skill to solve the questions.
Short Case: When the size of the case is very small and the information is very limited, the following structure may use:

1)      Title of the case (Make it)
2)      Brief overview of the case and the problem
3)      Brief introduction of the company and the situation
4)      Analysis of the dimensions (Dimension which have been discussed) with the theoretical sense/knowledge/logic.
5)      Major findings and selection of alternative solutions
6)      Selection of the best alternative solution
7)      Conclusion

Some Important Tips for Case Analysis
In case of incomplete information:
v  Try to make estimates
v  See if you can use other pieces of data to make similar conclusions
v  Use your own intuition and judgment
v  Acknowledge any “gaps” and make “if then” type of evaluations
v  Reasonable assumptions can be made when necessary. The base for each assumption should always be supplied if it is not obvious.
v  Try to crate suitable presentation.
After next discussion we will present about tips of communicating the analysis written report, communicating the analysis: class discussion & presentation and Long case, Strategic marketing case in how to write case study report.


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