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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to make a resume for free online

In this post I will discuss about How to make a resume for free online, before full discussion we need to know about resume. No need to be a good writer but should be make clear resume. A resume is a document used by individuals to present their background and skills. Resume can be used for a variety of reasons but most often to secure new employment. It contain many particular part such as Objective, professional experience, training and workshop, academic qualification language proficiency, computer proficiency, interest and hobbies, personal information and reference etc . The resume is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter and sometimes job application packet that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment. From the applicant's perspective, resumes are supposed to help get interviews which, in turn, lead to job offers. Let’s go to make a resume for free online .
“Remember, employers are not seeking to hire your history –
 they want to know your capabilities and competencies.”

Monday, January 30, 2012

Case Study of eBay

Case Study of eBay: Running the right play in the right country.

A Brief History of eBay:
The history of eBay started in September 1995 and quickly led to the company becoming one of the top retail sites on the Web. It all started in a little living room in San Jose, California. Software developer Pierre Omidyar, 28, had previously worked with Claris developing software for Apple computer.Omidyar started the site to answer a question: what effect would equal access to information have on the marketplace? His first item, a broken laser pointer, sold for around $15. eBay was originally called Auction Web and hosted on the same server as Omidyar's page about the Ebola virus.

How to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class

Today we will discuss how to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class, PowerPoint presentation is very popular in worldwide, many author it can be focused on different way or technique, but sometimes we make mistake in our presentation. We will share some case of class in practical mistake and also we will try to provide free power point presentation file. Let’s go to our main discussion-
Determine Your Target Audience: Before making your presentation file you should to know about your audience, you should analyze under this question:  What types of people your audience? How much materials need for them? Do you know before them? Who is the main guest of your presentation? How to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class  ?  

Do Plan Your Presentation: You just take a plan for your presentation, For example: Tomorrow you will give a presentation on Marketing Practice, you just quickly take answer above question and mind set up on this topic.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A list of Multinational Companies

Today’s world growth with global business, all transaction is easy to maintain and trustful, sometimes we need to know A list of Multinational Companies. Let’s go in definition of Multinational Corporation/company/enterprise: In short sense, business operating in more than one country. A multinational corporation (MNC) or multinational enterprise (MNE) is a corporation enterprise that manages production or delivers services in more than one country. For example: XYZ corporation require the acquisition of raw materials in one country (such as Argentina), a product's manufacture in a second country (such as Italy), and its retail sale in a third country (such as UK). A multinational company maintains assets more than one country. Another Example: Gerdau is a multinational companyl, it maintain its product in several country (15 countries). Under bellow we mention a list of multinational companies.
Click on Read More > > >

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips For Memorize

There are some Tips For Memorize for a teacher or guardian to give teach his or her Children, it is help us to memorize:
> The amount to be memorized every day should be small, so that she will be able to memorize it and it will be easy for her to memorize what comes next. This amount will vary from one child to the next, depending on his or her intelligence and memory.>Review often so that what has been memorized will stick. Do not let any day go by without memorizing something new and reviewing the old.> Encourage her by giving her a prize every time >Start to move from prompting her and having her repeat, which is usually the first stage in memorization, to teaching her how to read >Let her get used to listening to what she has memorized on tapes or on the computer, so that she can hear both a good pronunciation and good recitation, and she can review and consolidate what she has learned.>Choose a good time for memorization when there are few distractions– such as Morning[.....] 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toshiba Laptops Drivers Satellite c660 Download

Before discus about Toshiba Laptops Drivers Satellite c660 Download, first of all we share about Toshiba, It is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of electrical products, spanning information & communications equipment and systems, Internet-based solutions and services, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, and household appliance
Toshiba Laptop Satellite c660 SERIES is very popular and great-value, great-quality everyday laptop. Added multimedia functionality includes a media card reader for quick and convenient transfers from your digital camera and other device, such as devices include disk drives, printers, mice, and modems. These particular devices fall into the category of peripheral devices because they are separate from the main computer.For that you may need various driver for your laptop in many case.

For Download Click Here

 We maintains the list of Toshiba Laptops Drivers Satellite c660 Download. Just click on our selected link and find a driver that suitable your needs. This site adding new drivers daily, if you need driver just download it.

There are the list of Toshiba Laptops Drivers Satellite c660 Download we have for you. To download drivers you should find the Operation System, the exact device model and click on the Download button. If you can not find the exact driver for your Toshiba Laptop please send us the driver request and we will try to find it for you. Also you can visit and discuss Toshiba Laptop Drivers on free forum.So let's go to Toshiba Laptops Drivers Satellite c660 Download.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We share important link and address by Yellow page such as free software download link, Local and International News, International Study link, International Recherche Center link, audio and video link, Games download link, mobile and Computer purchase link, out sourcing link, online earning link, online tutorial site and more.

Free Software:                International Study Link:
06) Softpedia                                 o6) The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships
07) Brothersoft                              08) The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for developing country

How To Be a Good Writer?

Every literate person knows that how to be a good writer? and they can get it from practice or get from nature. Writing is a work of creativity. It is an art. Throw writing a person can attract the attention of the reader. Sometime the reader cannot see the face of the writer or the writer is unknown for the reader. But when a reader read a speech of a good writer the reader can see the mentality, attitude, knowledge, facial expression, feelings of the writer. To be a good writer a person need two types of attributes:
·         Genetic quality
·         Technical quality
Genetic quality: Some people are genetically good writer. They don’t need to know how to be a good writer. By born they have some power of writing. They are genetically creative. This creativity is God gifted. But to be a good writer need some technical quality.
Technical quality: A good writer must be very technical.  The main purpose of the writer is to attract the reader. So to attract the reader the professional writers follow some strategies:  
Ø The topic of writing is full of information and it must be interesting.
    Ø  The good writer must be good thinker. Because without thinking no one can write anything. The thinking capacity of the writer must be elaborate. The writers think any topic throws his/her own way. A good writer never copy from anyone but can follow any previous data or comment. So to be a good writer a person must be a good thinker.

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Write a Seminar Paper ( With Pdf file )

    How to write a seminar paper Or format of seminar paper.
    A Seminar Paper
    A seminar is a small group of students, teacher and other chief guest. A seminar paper can be a summary of giving speech which is writing on subject.
    Title: The Title should be suitable and it must be follow to the subject of seminar.
    Name of author: Who write the seminar paper or who make it, h/she will mention his/her name, Telephone No, Department, Institution such as the Name of University.
    Summary: Writ main idea or main things of your paper and it should be focus on whole discussion. Summary area should be 200 words (approximately). It can be disuse on method, problem, result and conclusion etc. Summary should be clear and clean, should not be mention diagram, table etc.
    Tex:Tex is a body part where it can be divided into three parts.
    1)      Introduction
    2)      Main discussion of the seminar.
    3)      Last position of discussion

    How to make a Good presentation?

    A Good Presentation
    It’s not theoretical Information that we found in any book or article, it is only from personal experience that we will share with all of you.
    #  A presentation should be divided into three part
                    1) Pre-presentation
                    2) Presentation
                    3) Post-r presentation
    ## Pre-presentation: A presenter should be confident about his/her presentation; he/she should take clear preparation about presentation which helps to deliver speech in clearly and fluently. Presentation should be smart and it starts with timely. Presentation language should be simple and it should be short sentence. Presenter can use new technology such as a projector, micro phone, remote mouse etc.