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Tips For Memorize

There are some Tips For Memorize for a teacher or guardian to give teach his or her Children, it is help us to memorize:
> The amount to be memorized every day should be small, so that she will be able to memorize it and it will be easy for her to memorize what comes next. This amount will vary from one child to the next, depending on his or her intelligence and memory.>Review often so that what has been memorized will stick. Do not let any day go by without memorizing something new and reviewing the old.> Encourage her by giving her a prize every time >Start to move from prompting her and having her repeat, which is usually the first stage in memorization, to teaching her how to read >Let her get used to listening to what she has memorized on tapes or on the computer, so that she can hear both a good pronunciation and good recitation, and she can review and consolidate what she has learned.>Choose a good time for memorization when there are few distractions– such as Morning[.....] 

>Praise her for what she has memorized in front of neighbors and relatives. > You should encourage her to write out what she has memorized so that she may combine learning how to write with reinforcing what she has memorized. And try to give him/her a motivation to get something and learning.
You should follow our all Tips For Memorize

Several Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly: Do you know? How do you can memorize names, numbers, facts or lines quickly? There are some simple Tips For Memorize that you can take to improve your memory skills and better memorize things. There are ways to make memorization easier.  By understanding how our brains work, we can use the existing systems we already have in place to create more easily retrieved information.  In fact, some memorization techniques are thousands of year’s old, dating back to ancient times.  Here are a couple of tried and true methods.
  1. A.      The Loci method: This is one of the most successful techniques for quick memorization. Using this method, you can visualize several locations that you are familiar with and use them to memorize things. Remember to always use locations that you are familiar with such as your home. For example if you needed to buy ice-cream, you could memorize this item by imagining ice-cream sprayed all over your front door.
  2. B.      Making connections: If you make a connection between the new information and what you already know, then you will find it easier to memorize new information. If the information is a lot, try breaking it down into smaller units before correlating it with something that is already stored in your long term memory. For example, if you meet someone new and do not want to forget their name, try to visualize a celebrity with the same name.
  3. C.      Images: If you are looking for an easy technique on how to memorize quickly, you should try mental images. This is where you visualize the information in your mind. Exaggerated images always work better than simple ones. For example if you meet someone and you think their head is shaped like an apple, visualize them having an apple for a head. This technique also makes it much easier to study for tests. Instead of memorizing facts, convert them into a chart or graph and memorize the graph. Your mind is more likely to remember the diagram rather than the information.
  4. D.      Write it down: Written information is much easier to remember. This is why flash cards are so effective in memorization. For example when memorizing a speech, you can write a paragraph on one side of the flash card and a clue on the other side. The clue should be a word, phrase or image that makes the paragraph pop into your head. Brightly colored flash cards are always easier to remember than dull ones. You should memorize only one flash card at a time. Do not read the next one before you can recite the first one with no trouble.
  5. E.       Chanting: When you repeat information out loud it is imprinted in your memory. Try to repeat the information without looking at the flash cards
Tips For Memorize for words to use index cards:  Carry the index cards wherever you go and look at the index cards when there is a time. Repeat memorizing as much as you can. When you are done, mix the index cards and start again. Eliminate the words that you have already memorized and make the files smaller. Index card is the best because you can focus on the terms more clearly. If you are memorizing lists of words written in a notebook or one sheet of paper, then you may end up memorizing the order of the words. Write each word on a flash card. Most people don't study flash cards correctly. This is how you do it. Mix up the cards in one stack. Make sure the cards have only the word on one side, and the definition and pertinent information, such as chapter or page numbers, on the other side Tips For Memorize:
a)      Look at the word, and say the definition out loud or in your head.
b)      Turn the card over and check the definition on the back.  Make sure you got it exactly right.  Don’t lie to yourself and say you were close!
c)       Put the cards into two piles: words you know, and words you don’t.
d)      Start with the Don’t Know pile.  Go through each card again, following steps 2 and 3 (starting new piles).
e)      Review the Know pile, to make sure you still know them.
f)       Repeat each day until the test.
g)      Study with a friend. Although you’ll have to make sure to stay on task, studying with a friend can make memorizing facts fun! Throw a ball back and forth while you study, or race each other to get through a stack of flashcards.
h)      When you’ve finished memorizing all of the facts, reward yourself. Eat a snack, relax with a book, or call a friend for a little while. After all, you deserve it!
We may understand that Tips For Memorize is very suitable and technical for memorizing and if we follow minimum 45 percent, than we will get our success. Try to memorize and finally I give you a meditation related tips that when you will feel free you look at the clock and watch it how to run the clock and very deeply try to watch and you feel that no one with you. After long day practice you will get success, so we have to go now, all the best of all from Tips For Memorize


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