Sunday, January 15, 2012

How To Be a Good Writer?

Every literate person knows that how to be a good writer? and they can get it from practice or get from nature. Writing is a work of creativity. It is an art. Throw writing a person can attract the attention of the reader. Sometime the reader cannot see the face of the writer or the writer is unknown for the reader. But when a reader read a speech of a good writer the reader can see the mentality, attitude, knowledge, facial expression, feelings of the writer. To be a good writer a person need two types of attributes:
·         Genetic quality
·         Technical quality
Genetic quality: Some people are genetically good writer. They don’t need to know how to be a good writer. By born they have some power of writing. They are genetically creative. This creativity is God gifted. But to be a good writer need some technical quality.
Technical quality: A good writer must be very technical.  The main purpose of the writer is to attract the reader. So to attract the reader the professional writers follow some strategies:  
Ø The topic of writing is full of information and it must be interesting.
    Ø  The good writer must be good thinker. Because without thinking no one can write anything. The thinking capacity of the writer must be elaborate. The writers think any topic throws his/her own way. A good writer never copy from anyone but can follow any previous data or comment. So to be a good writer a person must be a good thinker.
    Ø  When a writer chooses a topic the writer must be analyze the mentality of the reader.
    Example: if the writer chooses a topic about capital market he/she must analyze who read this topic? What are their problems about capital market? What they want to now? What are the exact solutions of their problem? The writer tries to give the solution which is the original need of the reader.
    Ø  The writer must be alert about the witting skill, which means; the spelling mistake, grammatical mistake, the spelling conflict of American & British language. The writing proficiency is important for writer.
    Ø  Sometime the speech is so lengthy which make bore to the reader. So, the writer must be following the shortcut methods about clearing the topic concept. The small & clearing concept is so much preferable and effective for the reader.
    Ø  When any one try to write something, he/she must be know the exact and correct information about the topic
    Ø  Today’s world is so much competitive. So a writer always is updated about the topic. He/she must know the latest or recent activates or events.

    Happy is the heart of him who writes; he is young each day. Yes, but only if he writes from the heart, and not just for copious beer. And you should be confident on your writing subject and should to know how to be a good writer and by which way can I be a good writer before you write.


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