Friday, January 13, 2012

How to make a Good presentation?

A Good Presentation
It’s not theoretical Information that we found in any book or article, it is only from personal experience that we will share with all of you.
#  A presentation should be divided into three part
                1) Pre-presentation
                2) Presentation
                3) Post-r presentation
## Pre-presentation: A presenter should be confident about his/her presentation; he/she should take clear preparation about presentation which helps to deliver speech in clearly and fluently. Presentation should be smart and it starts with timely. Presentation language should be simple and it should be short sentence. Presenter can use new technology such as a projector, micro phone, remote mouse etc.
## Presentation: When a presenter run with presentation, he/she try to maintain eye contact with audience. And make interesting situation, surprised, and also unknown information. Presentation should be power point file and it should be make with picture or diagram.
## Post presentation: After completing presentation, the presenter should be review all presentation, and make a regard and give emotional sentence which can contribute to remember you. Give thanks to all for spending valuable time.