Monday, January 30, 2012

How to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class

Today we will discuss how to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class, PowerPoint presentation is very popular in worldwide, many author it can be focused on different way or technique, but sometimes we make mistake in our presentation. We will share some case of class in practical mistake and also we will try to provide free power point presentation file. Let’s go to our main discussion-
Determine Your Target Audience: Before making your presentation file you should to know about your audience, you should analyze under this question:  What types of people your audience? How much materials need for them? Do you know before them? Who is the main guest of your presentation? How to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class  ?  

Do Plan Your Presentation: You just take a plan for your presentation, For example: Tomorrow you will give a presentation on Marketing Practice, you just quickly take answer above question and mind set up on this topic.

Collect Your Specific Materials: News paper article, Animation, Image, video, audio, Surprise Message, graphs, table, Book’s case etc and save your reference link.

Start it: In the first slide you should give a welcome slogan with a suitable picture which is bear your topics summary. Have a clear introduction that expresses what you will be covering. Make sure about your spelling mistake and give picture, animation, and graph beside your text. Presentation language should be simple and it should be short sentence
Font Size: Minimum Font size should be 24 in power point presentation. You can use “ARIAL” font, don’t use “Times New Romance”.
Time Duration: Calculation your time duration, how much time you will spend on your presentation.
Give a Surprised Ending: You should give a surprise ending and give emotional sentence. For Example: Give thanks to all for spending valuabletime, I know everything but what do I do? All Love for Mother. Etc.
Question session: Have a “Questions?” slide after your conclusion to open up discussion with your audience and create an interactive presentation.

Free Download For How to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class, PowerPoint Presentation File Coca Cola Marketing Strategy:ppt

After Completing Power Point Presentation: Once you have completed your PowerPoint presentation, practice it in front of the mirror or a friend and make sure that you are timing yourself. For More Information
Case On Class:
On day We had a presentation topics on EasyInternetCafa ( elc ), Some students gives presentation on it, but they make mistake on sentence, image matching and spelling. They also give a hazy presentation, when we had seat before presenter he/she don’t maintain eye contact, he/she just spoke and looked on the slide board. 
From the above discussion may we understand that How to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Class.


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