Friday, January 13, 2012

Write a Seminar Paper ( With Pdf file )

How to write a seminar paper Or format of seminar paper.
A Seminar Paper
A seminar is a small group of students, teacher and other chief guest. A seminar paper can be a summary of giving speech which is writing on subject.
Title: The Title should be suitable and it must be follow to the subject of seminar.
Name of author: Who write the seminar paper or who make it, h/she will mention his/her name, Telephone No, Department, Institution such as the Name of University.
Summary: Writ main idea or main things of your paper and it should be focus on whole discussion. Summary area should be 200 words (approximately). It can be disuse on method, problem, result and conclusion etc. Summary should be clear and clean, should not be mention diagram, table etc.
Tex:Tex is a body part where it can be divided into three parts.
1)      Introduction
2)      Main discussion of the seminar.
3)      Last position of discussion

>Introduction: First part should be discussion about the author and discus about subject and outline of the paper.
>Main discussion of the seminar: At the main discussion you should obtain information from the many sources, such as book, web, journals, note etc. Of course  don’t should be copy any text from other authors.
>Last position of discussion: At last part, we should summarize about the seminar and it should be maintain exceptional way.
Symbols and units: Write mathematical equations in the simplest possible way so that they can be typed easily. Every mathematical symbol you use must be defined in the text

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