Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheap Mobile To Mobile International Calls ! ! !

Hope all of my friend well. Today i bring an interesting topics of cheap mobile to mobile international calls by using internet. We always want to talk with our desire person by using internet but we may don't get suitable way.  OK, don't long my word, just want to go of my processing. How can i talk with cheap mobile to mobile international calls?

what you do on processing steps:
1) First you go now on this page CLICK HERE

2) Do download of Fring software from here.

3) Instal this software in your mobile
4) After successful installation, open fring software and make an id with username and password.
5) Of course need an ID number of desire person, who would like to talk to you.
6) Now, log in by using username
7) Click on OPTION and than click on Manage buddies. Than you will get "Add new buddy", click there and search your partner by putting username.
8) Ok, after getting username add in your friend list and make a fring call.

I think you will get the point and enjoy cheap mobile to mobile international calls.


  1. SimplecallMobile offers cheap Mobile International Calls Mobile International Calls from your mobile and allows you to make call at discount and low cost price.

  2. i want to know how to make low cost international calls from uk to Canada with best possible calling rates. Can anyone suggest me something?

  3. I am living in London(uk) But mostly I use to make international calls for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make Cheap international calls It would be help full for me.


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