Friday, March 16, 2012

Idea Making and How I Make Something ?

Idea Making and How I Make Something?  Very interesting question for all of us,  An idea is a concept or mental impression, an idea may different from each other, The generation of ideas is now the most important economic objective, when you fell something different which will be change any situation it may be an idea. In a competition world you should try to find out more uncommon idea, such as business man want to find out different concept for increasing business, doctor want to invention for human treatment, a rivalry  try to find out different way to win etc. So most question how can I make a great idea and Idea Making and How I Make Something?

Just think different from each other, if I give an example I think you will understand mostly. Suppose you and Mr. Crimson in a group, both are going to visit a room, where Mr. Crimson found, Tow chair, one bed, one table and some books on the table. But you found, some books are written by English writer and some are French, one glass is half full by water, and one pen is on the floor without cap etc.

When you get free time you just think for your idea, try to matching with nature, and make sure it. New ideas are sometimes at odds with the stern disciplines of management. The 3M engineer responsible for the Post-it note absurdly recalled: "If I knew what I was doing, it would not be research."

Some example of Idea: The idea here is to create an information business that provides value to your target audiences that allows you to make money. Waste water is different use in production of electricity. FOR MORE IDEA

So I think you will try to think in different way, which is help you to find out under this question answer, Idea Making and How I Make Something?


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