Saturday, March 24, 2012

Expand Virtual Memory Of Your Pen Drive

Expand virtual memory in your pen drive , generally pen drive stay on FAT, FAT 32 system, as a result you don’t have opportunity to compression. But facility have really on NTFS file system. For example: 50 MB file will take space on 30 MB space. In this case, NFTS file system reduces expense of memory. So let’s go to our simple processing…
   Ø   Go to Start
   Ø   Run
   Ø   Type “cmd” and open command  window
   Ø   Just type Convert X:/FS:NTFS
   Ø   Enter ( replace any latter on the place of  X where pen drive will indicated )
   Ø   Now, go to My computer
   Ø   Properties
   Ø   Compress Drive to Save Disk Space
   Ø   OK
   Ø   Apply To Sub Folders and Files ( if will get)
   Ø   Ok and out from this activities
From now when you will copy any file in your pen drive, than you will get more memory capacity on pen drive space. I think will get common knowledge on expand virtual memory of pen drive.


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