Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Interview Technique And Tips

Welcome to free interview technique and tips, as a new job seeker in market of you. You should to know about primary knowledge and should have quite confidence about his or her discipline. Plan your travel time so that you arrive at the interview site 15 to 20 minutes before it is set to begin. This gives you time to find a parking spot, pay for it if you have to, find out where the interview room is, use the restroom and get a drink of water before the interview. Having a couple of extra minutes to calm yourself before you walk in the door serves a double purpose in demonstrating your respect for others' time by showing up early. Bring copies of your resume with you when you go to the interview. Use the version of the resume you used to apply for this particular position. You will appear well-prepared and considerate when you offer a copy at the beginning of the interview to the interviewers. They may not need one at all, but you will have demonstrated your own preparedness by offering one. Be careful about yourself that means Spend time to know yourself.
Use active verbs and power words to describe yourself.  You should to Research the job and your future employers. Keep your answers between 1.5 and 2 minutes, because employer doesn’t want to spend more time for you. Plan your speech with structure in three or four points maximum. Employer always tries to focus on your personal experience, so you should expand on each point with your personal experience. When answering questions asking for examples, use the STAR framework. I think you have more knowledge about STAR interview. But I provide you some free interview technique and tips about it for more knowing.

Ø  First you should gather at least good examples from your work experiences. Could be how you dealt with an angry caller, How you delegate large projects, How you overcame objections to get your opinion noticed.
Ø  Get out 3 pieces of paper and divide them into 4 sections with a pencil or pen
Ø  Label each section: 1st section is 'S', 2nd section is 'T', 3rd section is 'A' and the 4th section is 'R'.
Ø  This stands for STAR - Situation, Task, Action, Result. This technique will ensure that you hit each of the major points in your responses.
Ø  S is for Situation. State the situation. You can say " I handle irate situations often in my current job. The last situation I encountered was when - and fill in the rest.
Ø  A is for action. Here is where you state what action you took to achieve your goal. You might say "The action I took was to call up to our billing supervisor and have her credit his account while he was still on the phone" or "The action I took was to issue him a new ticket while he was at the airline counter"
Ø  Here is where you summarize your result. You can say " The result was that Mr. Smith got on the flight and I straightened out the credit for him after the call" or " The result was that the client was happy about the instant credit and promised to give us another chance"
Ø  STAR - The Star Interview technique will always let you answer your interview questions in full - you will never go off on a tangent since you know you must address each letter.
Ø  From experience I have found that memorizing 4-5 different situations using the STAR interview technique can be very helpful. Each situation can be slightly altered to fit with the question. For example, the one you memorize on dealing with an irate caller can be tweaked to become how well your teamwork skills are. How you were able to call on different members of your team to resolve his problem.

Before drawing end line of free interview technique and tips. I suggest you most important tips. You should maintain your behavior and body language. Your body language will give a lot of information to your prospective employers about you. And mind it that always stay on your confidence and don’t try to give wrong information to your employer, employer want to know your skill and ability to work in that interested place where you want. Productive person are acceptable for the organization. I think you have got some information form free interview technique and tips.


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