Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Movie Making Ideas

Good movie making ideas, like any other art form, has its own language and vocabulary. Once that language is mastered, films can be understood at a new level. A good story can be making a great movie forever; Ideas come from different, unexpected places. If you strain too hard for ideas the film will show your lack. The most reliable place for ideas to come from is from the work itself. When you work with your reliable activities, you just match with your story idea. You only need one small idea to star. Don't be too hard on yourself.
Once you have started, you can re-evaluate things when you need to. Drop an idea for anything better that comes along but there must be at least two, good reasons before changing, dropping or modifying it.  Don't be afraid to go back or even start over. This is another good reason to keep your ideas simple. An idea is a guide to your work. So first one you should take a good movie making ideas to reach your goal.

Start with a Good Story: You always try to make a good story which will create huge opportunity for your movie. At this moment you should maintain background work for your story.
Setup your Production: A production house divided into three aspect

1.    Pre-production
2.    Production, and
3.    Post-production
Pre-Production related with most important work such as story selection, background work, working plan, equipment collection, artist manage, storyboard.
 Also, The director is primarily responsible for the storytelling, creative decisions and acting of the film. The assistant director (AD) manages the shooting schedule and logistics of the production, among other tasks. There are several types of AD, each with different responsibilities. The location manager finds and manages film locations. The production manager manages the production budget and production schedule. The director of photography is the cinematographer who supervises the photography of the entire film

Production related with director performing dual roles as director and camera operator gives instructions during the filming of a scene.
Post Production related with the video or film is assembled by the video or film editor. The modern use of video in the filmmaking process has resulted in two workflow variants: one using entirely film, and the other using a mixture of film and video. More Idea Just Click Here

Build a structure for your production:

Storyboards: it may create with carton, animated art etc.


Production/Group/Company:_________________________ Date:_______________
Director:__________________________________ Contact No.:__________________
Assistant Directors:__________________________ Contact No.:__________________
Producer:________________________________ Contact No.:__________________
Director of Photography:__________________________ Contact No:_____________
Location ( Address, Phone, Direction):



Ok, friend we have to go now form brief article, we will come with great tips on film making in future, so I hope you will comment to encourage me for posting next steps of good movie making ideas.


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