Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Do I Recover My Facebook Account ?

Dear visitor today we bring a interesting article on how do i recover my facebook account ? In previous article we wrote on unfriends finder of facebook. Oh yes! Let's go to get our answer. Hacking is most popular activities in world wide. Facebook hacking also most popular now days. It is so much popular site for of all. When we think that facebook will go out from the website than we will fell impossible. Even somebody want facebook without taking any meal.
But we will loser of facebook account in many case, i mean we may hacked by hacker of facebook. It may happen for careless. Hacker group now fly on sky, they always want  to make fun with friend or other, in this situation what we will do? And how do i recover my facebook account ? Don’t worry we are stay with you to help you. It is very easy way to do. Let’s go to our steps:

Steps-01:  let’s go to your address bar and type this address

Steps-02: Click on My Account is Compromised.

Steps-03: Select your ID from Identify Your Account, I mean it can be e-mail or phone number or facebook username or your name and a friend’s name etc.

Steps-04: Do entry capca if come of security check option. 

Steps-05: Click on "This is My Account".

Steps-06: Reset your Password 

You already done ! Thank you for your hard work, thus you can get return your facebook account. So friend you may got your answer of how do i recover my facebook account ?


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