Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unfriends Finder May Help You To Find Out Unfriend List And Pending Request Of Facebook

Unfriends Finder is a systematic way to get unfriend list by simple activities. Do you use facebook?  If yes, I think it is very much useful for you. And you will get much interesting idea from my word.
A. Do you know which person reject you from the friend list?
B.  Do you know how much friends request now in pending? Which girl or boy gave you Sack?
C. You know that which friend disable from facebook?
All of question will be solves by this answer.
As we use Mozila browser, it may comfortable for Mozila Firefox, also you can use other browser. First of all just download “Greasemonkey” from this address: ( Just copy this link and past on address bar)

This software will be installed with automatically and Mozila Firefox will want to restart. So do restart your Mozila Firefox.Now you finish half of your full work.  
 (My another article Harms of Facebook for Human)
OK, now what you will do? Next step is very easy, just brows a page and install a instruction under bellow:

Click on "Unfriends Finder" and after loading page you will watch a “Install” button on the top page, and just click on “Install”. Now go to your facebook account and you will get on the top page of the facebook that “Unfriend”.
Now you will get Unfriend list, friend request pending list. Thank you for your hard work, I think you got your desire answer from Unfriends Finder.


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