Friday, April 27, 2012

How To Open AlertPay Account ? (Part 02)

After first discussion on how to open alertPay account, we have come today with next detail informatio about alerPay money withdraw. We can take as a bank of AlertPay, that’s mean we make transaction by bank account such as deposit or withdraw of money. ALERT PAY work as like bank account. You can earn money by using internet, it is so much important to get on hand.  So alertPay is the most popular Online Bank, by which we can transfer money to another user of alertPay, even online money can transfer to a bank account. 

So, Now we will come on login and click on profile. And then click on “Verification” . You will see more verification. Verify your account by putting mobile number with three options. At this stage you will get a code in your mobile. This code put on perfect place. And verify your account.

Although you can verify your bank account and credit card. You can get money from alertPay by different way.
1)  1) Check
2)  2) Credit Card
3)  3) Bank Transfer
4)  4) Bank Ware

Check:  Check send by post to client. For that alertPay will charge $ 4, but should have minimum $20 for applying to get money.
Credit Card: Money can get very easily, if you have a Master Card or Visa Card. Also alerpay support Debit Card. AlertPay allowed minimum 10 dollar from ATM, and it may charge 5 dollar for per transaction. So dear friend today would like to end here and we will come with last part of how to open alertPay


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